Insights on public health issues, preventive oncology, palliative care, and more.

Established in July of 2022, Nivārana is a blog focusing on preventive and palliative medicine, and public health. The aim of this blog is to increase awareness regarding public health issues and explore possible evidence-backed solutions to those problems.

Latest Posts

Life of a Doctor in Rural North India

As India gears up to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030, we take another look at rural India for a clearer picture. While several AIIMS have sprung up to take care of a burgeoning population’s health needs, the ground reality of everyday healthcare still lies within the primary healthcare structure, which the average Indian first…

The Road Less Taken: Public Health Education and Careers in India

The Public Health road is less commonly taken and less preferred by most medical graduates in India. In this article, Dr Kusum, a public health professional, writes out the various roads one can take after completing training in Public Health in India. Wth inputs from Community Medicine faculty at Christian Medical College, Vellore she also…


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